Quadruple Your Annual Income

Growing a Small Business with 
the Law of Attraction

Do you struggle using the Law of Attraction?
Do you only occasionally manifest things?
Are you struggling Financially?
Do you have a business that needs to grow?

If you can say yes to any of these questions, then you've come to the right place.

I was in that place once. 
I always believed the Law of Attraction was real, but getting it to work for me 
was another story up until a couple of years ago.

Through struggle I figured it out and with my help you
can too! 

There is a Secret Behind the Secret

The secret is that you are more intimately tied into the reality around you than you have ever been told. The reality around you is the direct reflection of your subconscious. Your subconscious is full of programs that you automatically play out through everyday habits. Unless you know how to change your subconscious through using your consciousness your life will never change. 

I can tell you exactly how to do it, before I can tell you how. I must say that I'm glad you're here. The Law of attraction works through everyone, but most people don't have a clue that it exists. 

Half the people that hear about it try using it only to fail over and over again and give up on it too early. The other half see it work some of the time, but never quite get it. 

It takes courage, intuition, an open mind and a drive to push yourself forward when learning something new, especially with something as mind bending as the Law of Attraction. So I'd like to congratulate you for making it this far on your journey through life and not giving up on how the Law of Attraction works.

One thing you always have to keep in mind is that being successful means never giving up. 

Since I've been able to understand how the Law of Attraction really works and regularly use it to my benefit. I've found that I love talking about it. It's simply amazing, especially when you add the science behind it all. I would love to talk your ear off about the ins and outs about the Law of Attraction.

But first, incase you don't know me, let me introduce myself.

My name is George and I am a very successful acupuncturist. I struggled making this career work for a few years along with struggling on how to make the Law of Attraction work for me.

In 2015 I was facing bankruptcy. This was my second career and I wasn’t making ends meet. I was lucky if I made 25K a year back then.

As you know theres only so much quality of life you can have if you're barely scraping by. 
I believed in and used the Law of Attraction daily, but I ended up realizing that I had no idea how it worked if I couldn’t use it to be successful.

I decided to study the Law of Attraction like I was going back to school for it. 
I needed my second career to work out and I knew the Law of Attraction was the key.

I spent a solid year, day in, day out studying different teachers. Reading their books, listening to audio’s, watching video’s. I studied everything I could get my hands on to make more
sense of the Law of attraction.

Then one day it hit me like a ton of bricks right between the eyes. I had an epiphany about it all.
This one realization brought the secret of the Law of attraction right to the center of all my focus.

Then one year later I made my first $100,000 annual income. 

I made 4 x my annual income and I grew my failing small business into a flourishing one.
Now, I know exactly how to use the Law of Attraction to my benefit.

I love acupuncture, I love making people feel better. Acupuncture is also a mystery, but that story is for another time. I’m also an avid meditator and have been for years. Through meditation I have received insights into the inner workings of life.

After Struggling for years I had a Law of Attraction epiphany hit me, for the whole next year I had insight after insight about how it worked on a regular basis. I was able to incorporate those ideas and have them work for me.

My business grew and has grown to the point where I need to either hire others and step back from the daily grind or move on to bigger and better things.

My life is so different then it was a few years ago.

With the type of work I do I hear lots of sad and depressing stories about people’s lives. With what I now know I can see that almost everybody abuses the law of attraction through the stories they repeatedly tell to people. 

This is just a piece of the puzzle, but daily regurgitation of a negative past, is just asking for the same or nothing better for your future.

My chosen profession as a healer has allowed me to see the real pain of people lives, which lies in the way they think, feel and speak. These 3 things lead them on a path to bad habits that cause their difficulties to reoccur.

Although it took me years to understand it, I am better off than so many people around me. I have a goldmine in my mind and the only real difference between me and anyone else is that I know it. 

Everyone else has it too and it’s my goal to wake you up to your gold mine.

I got to this place with persistence and a will to succeed, along with an open mind. This world is not what it seems to be and we abuse our natural gifts, because society doesn’t recognize our gifts as such.

I studied and studied and I still do, because yes life is still a beautiful mystery that continually unfolds in our favor, but it is up to us to dictate how it will unfold.

I’d like to introduce you to a book I wrote, which details my path of discovery to unlocking and understanding the Law of Attraction and how I used it to grow my business to a success. 

I’ve broken it down to be able to describe it to anyone who not only wants to get better at using the Law of attraction, but at the same time may want to grow a business.

I’ve been listening to the best teachers on the subject for years, but it wasn’t till I tried to make their teachings my own when it clicked. I don’t personally know anyone or have met any one that has a good grasp on the Law of Attraction.

It’s been hard to even talk to people about it. Most people either don’t know about it, or if they do, they think it’s stupid. Most who do know about it, can’t grasp it well enough to use it to their benefit.

I assume if you're still reading this then you're in the same ball game. Isn't it amazing how so many people still don't know about the Law of Attraction?

I wrote this book in way that everyone can understand it. When learning something I personally need concepts to be broken down in detail for me to grasp it and that’s exactly what I’ve done.

I can teach any who has an ear to listen and an open mind about the inner workings of our reality. 

So,I wrote a book for you. I want you to understand the Law of Attraction, I want you to make your business succeed. I want you to be more fearless, to have less of a victim mentality. I want you to raise your game and become a player of this game we call life.

Believe it or not we are in this together. The more people that wake up to a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction the faster we all can move into a healthier, happier future.

In this book I break down the connections between you and the Law of Attraction, helping you recognize how you already use it. 

I break down how to use it. Why things like affirmations, meditation, visualizations work. I break down some of the teachings of the bigger law of attraction teachers in a way that I needed it to be broken down into so I could I understand it.

I’ve laid out a deeper understanding and bigger picture of this reality that we all live in for you to see more of the mystery of this reality and how you and I are at the center of it all.

Finally, I’ve laid out exercises for you to do that will help you get where you want to go along with tips you can use on a daily basis to make the Law of Attraction work for you.

Remember that I spent years trying to understand the Law of Attraction, just like so many others. It wasn’t till I almost hit rock bottom for second time around, that I studied it like it was my job to be an expert at it.

What I learned quadrupled my financial income in a year’s time. I went from barely making $25,000 a year to making my first $100,000.00.

I’m going to give you everything I know about growing a small business based on the Law of Attraction principles. All this information can be used towards any goal. I use growing a business as an example because it's what helped me understand it all.

This Book Includes

1.Gaining more control of your mindset
2.Helping you recognize negative habits that hurt you
3.Help you develop an abundant mindset
4.Help open your eyes to mystery of what it means to be human in relation to the law of attraction
5.Recognize the bad habits of others 
6.Become more proficient at using the Law of Attraction
7.Tips and tricks to keep your mind on track to achieve your goals

Learn to be the change you want in your life

I spent 2 years breaking the information down to where it is understandable to most people.
Now the teachings of all those great teachers make way more sense to me and I still love listening to them.

It’s my goal that if you want to grow your business, grow financially or understand the law of attraction better. The information I’ve put together will be able to take you there.

The mystery of the Law of Attraction will be in your hands and you will be able to see and hear the misuse of it all around you every day. Your ability to use it correctly will strengthen.

An even more precious thing that I’ve come to understand through learning about the Law of Attraction is that it’s about harmony. 

Harmony on a personal level, but also harmony on a bigger global scale. 
The constant misuse of the Law of attraction is where all the pain and suffering in this world comes from. If each individual person can recognize the power and connection they have with life, eventually the whole world will wake up to it.

Through this awakening we can all live in a peaceful healthy, happy world, but it all starts with you, the individual. All of us have to wake up to what it means to be human and the term “ Law of Attraction” is what it means to be human. It's our natural ability to bring experiences towards us.

I don’t just want you to be more financially well off, I want to give you a deeper understanding of this reality so we can make the world a better place. The way it should be for everyone.

Get started now! 

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  • The Underlying Fundamentals of the Law Attraction
  • Reasons why it doesn't always work
  • How to get it to work of you
  • Your personal relationship with the Law of Attraction
  • Insights into other related Laws of Reality
  • And So Much More...

Book Summary

This manuscript was written to provide readers “insights into the mechanisms of the Law of Attraction” while using these insights to grow their business. “Growing a small business is dependent on understanding your relationship to the world around you and what part you play in it all.” The Law of Attraction states that “what you attract into your life is determined by your Self-Image.” The book helps readers apply the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction to one’s business practices, and the text stresses the importance of repetition, patience, and positive affirmation while working towards success. “Self-observation and noticing how your mind works will allow [readers] to live more fully with purpose.”

-David Zeolla 

All for just $12.95

Learn how to make your future brighter

Just imagine a year from now how much more successful you will be. Your clientele is at least doubled if not more.

You can smile when you look at your bank account and you don’t mind taking your friends and family out to dinner.

You will be a different person. 

You will be able to look back at the year and all the changes you’ve made to your mind set. You will have adopted a new way of thinking that will make so much sense to you. 

You too will be able to hear and see how people misuse the Law of Attraction daily.

You will no longer judge others for their bad choices, you will only wish you can tell them your secret.

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Growing a Small Business 
with the Law of Attraction
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